No sound from external device after update to 10.0.30

Hello guys,
My name is Luca and i’ve Got an issue after doing the latest update 10.0.30.
When I record external synths/sampler I see audiocard (motu ultralite mk3) signal, (input output) but nothing happen in cubase.
I select the proper input/output routing in the channel
Strip but I cannot record external signal.
I did a double check with another audio editing software (soundforge) and record works fine.
Could it be a bug?
Thanks a lot.


Mac book pro mid 2012 16gb ram, Mojave so, Cubase 10.0.30

You seem to be the only one with that problem so far, so certainly not…
Look for your OS audio permissions

Ok, I will check and I will come back here.
Thanks for your reply.

Thanks a lot. You are right.
The problem was that Cubase could not access to the Mic.
I never tought about that!!!
Thanks a lot.

Thanks from me too since I’ve experienced the same issue :slight_smile: