No sound from Groove Agent SE in my project

Noob here, so apologies for missing some basic stuff.

I’m working on a track. I have selected a drum pattern from Groove Agent and duplicated it in my project.

Just now, playing through various parts, the drums stopped sounding. I checked the vst instrument - it seems to be working (levels and lights are visible) but no sound.

I tried adding another vst drum track - again I can see lights flashing on the pattern, but again no sound.

Bass tracks via a VST instrument play and sound fine, so this is peculiar to Groove Agent.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

(Working on my profile still: this is with Cubase Elements 10.5.20)

Have you chosen a drum map? For reaons I don’t undersatand, I notice that sometimes a drum pattern won’t play back audibly when a drum map is selected. If you switch it off maybe so that the drum part just looks like any other in the midi editor - it might sound…just a thought!

Sorry for the slow reply and thank you for your help. I think it might in fact be a hardware issue related to my Apogee One, the connections of which which can be a little flaky. But I will check your suggestion too.