No sound from Halion Sonic

Hi, i got Cubase elements 10 and it worked fine until Halion Sonic don’t produce sound neither i can’t choose a preset. For exemple, Groove Agent et Prologue make sounds but not Halion Sonic. Thank you for your help !


Hi and welcome,

Are the presets installed? Why you can’t choose a preset, please?

I am having the same issue! Were you able to get it figured out?


If you mean HALion Sonic SE, reinstall Cubase, please. Make sure you:

  • Download and install from the Full installer.
  • Unpack the ZIP and install from the unpacked folder.
  • Install as administrator.

I’m using Mac, how do I “install as administrator?'” When I first got cubase elements a few months, everything was working fine, then only suddenly did Halion Sonic SE stop working. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling once, but I will try it again.

And as the other guy said too, groove agent is working just fine, but Halion Sonic will now allow me to load the presets in. It lists all of them as if they are there, I just can’t load them in.


Sorry, I didn’t know you are on Mac.

How does the load look like? Can you share a video, please?

I figured it out! Apple recently put out their Catalina update. Steinberg, in their newsfeed, put out a warning to not update from Mojave to Catalina just yet, as some of the cubase software may be incompatible until further update from Steinberg. Well, I did updated to Catalina not knowing they put out that warning! (Facepalm) So after a week of irritation I finally tried reverting back to Mojave, and everything works fine now.

Thanks for the suggestions though!

Hi rjasiak2347,

Thank you for clarification!

@David337, are you also on macOS 10.15?