no sound from Helion Sonic SE

My midi controller and audio input/output is the Yamaha moxf. When I select a Helion voice and try to trigger it from my moxf keyboard no sound results. However, if I trigger the sound with the mouse on the on-screen keyboard it sounds as it should. I must be missing something very simple but cannot figure out the problem. My moxf sounds are triggered just fine.

Record monitor switched on for the track?
Midi channels set correctly?

A screen grab of the track selector showing inputs & settings might help…

Which “onscreen keyboard”? Halion´s, or the Key editor´s?
“MIDI Through” activated? MIDI Filters deactivated?

Basic setup like this?

Edit – nevermind.

The screen grab is me asking the OP for a look at his, not the one having an issue (I have no issues with this!). Additionally the 3 you see is sending the MIDI to Halion’s track 3 not the input keyboard.

Whoops… My bad.

Doh! Easily done… :slight_smile: