No sound from Hyperion Brass Elements on Halion 6

Regarding what I know, the title has it all.

All other libraries work and are installed in the same folder.

I feel like such a noob…

PC, Win 10, i5.

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HBE is much like other Halion based VI’s in that volume is programmed into the preset. After you launch Halion 6 and load an HBE preset, at the bottom of the screen to the left of the virtual keyboard are two continuous controller wheels. The one closest to the keyboard is volume. It defaults at zero. Grab it with your mouse and turn it up.


Thanks TonyF! I just bought and installed Soundiron’s Hyperion Brass Elements and had just about given up trying to get sound out of it when a Forum search turned up this thread.

I’m grateful.

Thank you so much, Tony for this tip. I also have been searching for a solution but your answer did the trick… :smiley:

Hallo TonyF,
ich bin so etwas von begeistert, dass „Hyperion Brass Elements" nun endlich funktioniert. Vielen herzlichen Dank!
Dummerweise habe ich mir das Programm ein 2. Mal gekauft. Nun habe ich zweimal „Hyperion Brass Elements" und beide funktionieren.
Noch einmal herzlichen Dank.
Karl-Ludwig Steindam.