No sound from input

I use Cubase 12 Pro, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2nd Gen as the audio interface and, Guitar Rig 6 as the amp sim. Previously I was working on Windows 10 with the same setup and everything was fine. Now I work on macOS Monterey. Here is how I try to record guitar with Cubase:

I create an input bus for GR6 with the same input port where my guitar connected to. I create a track with that input and stereo output and add GR6 plugin to inserts. If I enable direct monitoring I can hear DI sound as expected. But when I disable it there’s no sound. However, if I record the DI sound, then when I play the recording everything is fine and the audio is filtered through GR6 as expected.

GR6 works just fine in standalone mode. Direct monitoring is disabled in Studio Setup as well (grayed out). Also, in System Preferences, Cubase is allowed to have microphone access.

I tried many suggestions with no success. The annoying thing is that the same setup was okay with Windows. Can someone please help?