No sound from instrument or audio tracks


I have been haunted by this issue with Cubase (Pro 10.0.30) that about half of the time I open the program I’m not able to get any sound from tracks. On my system this can be easily replicated by creating a new project and then adding for example a Retrologue synth. When I either use the Retrologue on-screen keys or a midi-keyboard there won’t be any kind of sound. I can see Cubase receiving MIDI from global MIDI IN Activity indicator. When I restart Cubase it everything is (sometimes) fine again and the sound plays correctly. After the next restart it may work or not again. For me this is very weird issue and I haven’t had problems like this in previous versions. I’ve been using Cubase since version 3 or so.

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How is the routing in the case when you don’t hear the sound?


There is one instrument track where output goes straight to stereo out. That’s about it.

OK I managed to get the sound back when I had the issue, I changed Buffer Size from 128 samples to 256 samples. Looks like it doesn’t work when lower than 256. I would understand audio dropouts etc. with lower buffers but not hearing audio at all is strange.


No sound is like a “higher level” of dropouts.