No sound from Kontakt patches when importing Tracks from other projects

Hello, I have a weird bug, I imported some Kontakt tracks from another project and there’s no sound from those patches (except one).
And the weird thing is that when I load a new patch on the same Kontakt instance (the same exact patch that’s already loaded) then this one have sound.
Output is correct in the kontakt patch : st.1
Midi Ch is correct too: omni
The little blinking lights indicating midi signals is working too during playback

I am on Cubase 12 pro and I have Kontakt 7


This is interesting. What if different with this one? Why this is working? Is it the only one at MIDI Channel 1 for example?

No they are all midi channel 1
The buggy tracks are all cinematic studio strings
Found out the imported tracks somehow forced themself into having a CC 11 going back to 0 even if no midi data were visible in the lanes

Seems like it happens fairly often with css … it’s like when I deselect a track with css and come back to it, cc11 has reset somehow to 0

wait I just catched something !

It was working, then I opened Kontakt to edit the instrument and there was no sound anymore. I checked the last events with midi monitor and boom “cc 11 - 0” is sent out of nowhere


There are also other Controllers: 12, 13, 14 & 15.

Could you double-check your Quick Controls settings? I would try to set the Track’s Input to Not Connected to make sure no hardware is involved.

The issue appears to be related to the stream deck that’s configured with the “generic remote legacy” and sending unwanted midi cc. I changed the midi channel for all the stream deck to channel 2 in the generic remote menu. Hopefully, it will solve the problem

(I also changed the CC of the Streamdeck keys so that they start from CC 80 and not CC 0 to avoid any conflict)

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