No sound from metronome in intial recording

Even though I’m logged in I can’t seem to create an independent topic. Or at least that is what it looks like. I guess when I hit post I will see if it’s a separate topic.

But my post is about Ipad. Since I updated, when you start recording for midi, metronome makes no sound until you touch the first key. There’s still a count-in, but I can’t hear it.

Also, where is the link to the update pdfs?

Additionally, the ipad 4 is in the topic title, because I couldn’t delete when I tried to make this post just for ipad.

Correction, Dorico 4 is in the topic title because I couldn’t delete it making this post about the ipad

Don’t worry about the extra stuff above, just sit back and wait for someone with an answer to respond. (If I knew about the iPad metronome sound, I’d tell you.)

I’m unable to reproduce this: when I start recording on the iPad, I hear the click right away, including for the count-in.

It only happens with a headphone plugged in. I can let it run several bars, hearing no metronome until I tap the first virtual key on Dorico’s keyboard.

I thought it might be a short in the headphone wire, but it happens the same way even with no movement of the connection.

And without headphones, it works the way it’s supposed to.

Also want to note, if there is already recorded music on another staff playing the metronome sounds before I touch the virtual keyboard, but a blank score fails to activate it until I touch the virtual keyboard

Since the connection hasn’t had any sound glitches with anything else or other apps, I think it must be the way the app is interacting with that output.

That’s very curious. The click is played back exactly the same way as any other sounds, whether they come from the click track or from another instrument. I’ll need to see if I can reproduce this myself.