No sound from MIDI..I know, youv'e heard it before but..

Gday all.

I know that this topic has been talked about on many platforms with answers for this and that, but none of them are solving it for me. I have a project (and it only happens on this one) where all of the MIDI tracks have no audio coming out, the meters are moving and the other non midi tracks are fine. I have checked output connections, checked that the midi channels correspond, control room isn’t enabled (wouldn’t be that coz I’m getting audio from other tracks), no box that I can see is checked when it shouldn’t be. So I’m lost for ideas!! Now I’ll confess, MIDI isn’t my forte so I’m hoping that some one could help?


Yes we have heard it before, and usually the first question is: what is supposed to make the sound? Since Midi by itself doesn’t produce sound you need to have VSTs or external gear that produce the sound. What meters are moving - meters for midi activity or meters for sound volume?

Sorry, should have put that in OP. The MIDI vst’s being used are halion sonic, lounge lizard and a Tone wheel. All of the meters in the actual instruments and on the tracks themselves (sound volume) are showing action. as is the the little MIDI light on the instruments saying that it it receiving a signal (sorry, as I said MIDI is not my forte).
Anything else?

Are the midi tracks routed to the same master output as the other tracks?

Axemat, assuming you trigger the MIDI notes with a piano, when you press the Monitor button on a track and play the piano, do you hear any sound?

I ran into this a few times and the solution was to select all the MIDI tracks, and then toggle the Master Mute button at the top of the Project window. After I did that, they all came to life!

Come to think of it, are the actual MIDI notes greyed out? If so, it means they are muted in background and the Mute button on the track won’t show as muted.

MIDI tracks can not be routed to audio tracks or - buses, so no they arenˋt.

Thanks for your thoughts on this one. Not at the computer at the moment but when I get back I will try those things you mentioned lee and see if I am indeed getting sound from my keys also I don’t believe the notes are greyed out but will double check and definitely get back to you tonight with my observations. Again, Thanks for trying to help me out…live and learn as they say!


Gday all. Lee, I tried the toggling thing as you mentioned but nothing. Yes I am playing on my Ikeys keyboard and there is no sound coming out at all but all the meters are moving and there is a signal being received. When I open up another project and select a MIDI instrument everything is fine and I cant see what is different in the project with issues and the other projects that work fine. This is doing my head in!! Any other ideas from anyone?

maybe you should start from the beginning
your problem could have many reasons

Here are two ideas.

  1. Make sure the MIDI Out channel number in the Inspector is the same MIDI Out channel number assigned in each VST instrument.
  • or -
  1. Open a new project, add new MIDI tracks, assign your VST instruments to those tracks, and then copy and paste your MIDI data from the old project into the new one. Something may have become corrupted in the old one.

Another point of curiosity is, have you tried rendering the existing VST MIDI tracks to audio? If so, is there any sound? How about posting a screen shot of your project window.

I have the same Problem, my track 16 , I can see the Midi in The Midi lights the keyboard reacts to my external keyboard but no sound. Ive tried loading different patches , all the other channels play midi, this is with 10.5 Pro version