No sound from midi keyboard with vsts

Win 7 64bit with upgraded elements version 7.07

When I load a vst Hallion Sonic SE and play the virtual keyboard I hear sounds but when using my midi keyboard I hear nothing. My inputs are showing (using MiaMidi sound card it is working too outside of cubase)

Under device setup / Midi Port Setup it shows direct music in as active but out is shown as inactive.

I’m unable to change this.
If anyone has any ideas I’d greatly appreciate it, thanks.

One suggestion… If this is a keyboard connected by USB, make sure you have your keyboard USB connection plugged in BEFORE starting Cubase. CB running on a windows machine will not recognize it if it is connected after starting CB.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Thanks but that isn’t it. Yes, I start the keyboard first.
I can see the level meters working yet, still no sound from my KRKs.

The Midi inputs say “All midi Inputs”
Out say Kontakt 5 or selected synth so that’s all good.

The problem seems to be that the Midi out ports under devices say inactive?

Is there midi activity in Cubase when you play the keyboard? If not, there is a freeware program called MIDI-OX. If you install it and select the midi channel and you get the message “Undefined external error”, then there is a fix for it.
I give you the solution when you confirm that this is the case.

Harry, Thank you,

No, there is not. I only see sound metering when I use virtual keyboard.
Shall I download Midi-ox? Not sure what that is though.

Okay, I remember this program from years ago and have it ready to install.
I’ll await your orders

Again, thank you for the reply.

Do you have the orange monitor button engaged?

Double checking ALL SETTINGS NOW.
Yes I do

Should I install Midi-Ox?
I could mess around with the settings…

I don’t think you can harm anything with Midi-ox. It’s just showing midi activity. All you have to do is go to options–>midi devices and select the midi-port that isn’t working. If you get the error message you have to change something in the registry because there is a line missing.

Thanks for that, Harry.
It is greatly appreciated and I’ll report back a bit later today.
Take care.

Still not working so uninstalled it.
I’ll try the full version soon.
Thanks for the assistance anyway.

You didn’t get the error message when you try to select the midi-channel? Is your midi-channel showing up in the list in midi-ox?