No sound from my VST instrument

I’m pretty new to cubase artist 7 and need some help.
When I’m loading a track with halion and open it I can hear the sound when clicking on the piano in halion, but there’s nothing to hear and no response when I’m clicking on the virtual keyboard in the transport panel or my own Roland RD-250s connected by MIDI cable (piano out - interface in). My interface is Roland studio-capture 16x10.
If someone can help me I’d be thankful.

Load the Halion VST as a track instrument and create a MIDI track for it.

When you play on the keyboard can you see activity on the MIDI monitor?

If not, then check your physical and soft MIDI connections.

If you can see activity check the MIDI routing and track monitoring settings on the track inspector for the MIDI track:-

Is the Halion VST routed to an output bus?
Does the MIDI track routed to the Halion VST have its monitoring turned on?

I have made an instrument track. Input routing: All MIDI inputs. Output routing: HALion Sonic SE. When I’m playing on halion at the screen I have sound and I can se activity on halion and at the track. I have made a stereo out on sends.

I have made a MIDI track. Input routing: All MIDI inputs. Output routing: Studio capture (VSL-Out1) (thats my interface). I see signals on the track when using the keyboard, but no sound.

No reaction from my physical keyboard. Keyboard/piano: MIDI out. Interface: MIDI in.

Thanks for wasting your time on this.

Did you engage the monitor button on the track?

The monitor button was on - yes.
Maybe there’s a way to connect the instrument track to the MIDI track???

load a vsti in rack, choose midi track, input is your keyboard midi port, output is the vsti, arm record (button) on the track…voila…sound

One more post:- don’t forget to go to File>preferences>MIDI>MIDI Thru Active must be ticked

  • Thanks. Already safe many hours of my work !!!