No sound from new instrument added to existing Project

I am using Dorico with the Kontakt 5 16out sound source. When I create a new Project - for example with the player/instrument solo Piano - I load the piano instrument into Kontakt and everything works fine in terms of sound playback. I hear the piano sound as I enter the notes and playback what I have written

However if I then add a new player/instrument such as Flute - load this sound into Kontakt - there is no sound either on note entry or playback. I have made sure I have gone to the Play section, selected Kontakt as the sound source for the Flute and the correct midi channel.

Any suggestions on a solution? Has anyone else had this issue?

Thanks for any responses, Robert

When you add the player, there is still no instrument associated with it. Go to Play Mode and then from the menu choose Play > Load Sounds for Unassigned Instruments. That will load a HALion instance, but change that to Kontakt and then pick you’re desired sound. Now you will get playback as well as feedback during input.

Hello Ulf,

Thanks so much the prompt and helpful response to my post. By the way many thanks as well for your information about how to set up vst2 plugins in Dorico and issues related to this.

Cheers, Robert

You’re welcome, mate. :wink: