No sound from piano using Halion

Hello everyone! I’m using cubase (version LE AI elements ) and I’m trying using Halion SE Sonic to record music via my electric piano (Kurzweil KA130) in an instrument track.
When I use chords and click them, not only I can hear but I can record too. But when I play the piano, although I see the signal, I cannot hear any sound or record it.
I have already recorded music in audio tracks, so there’s nothing wrong (I suppose) with my piano or connections. But in order to create a midi file I need the record my music with an instrument track ( if I understood right).

Any possible help??

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Do you want to use the Kurzweil or HALion Sonic SE sounds?

The best case for me is to use the Halion Sonic sounds, so I can experiment with some vst instruments. But mainly I wanna record the sound of a grand piano, so Kurweil would be fine too.


HALion Sonic SE behaves as the Audio tracks. Make sure the output is routed to the Stereo Out. What Audio Device do you use; How is the Stereo Out routed in the Audio Connections > Outputs, please?

If you want to use Kurzweil, you need a MIDI track for the MIDI data an Audio track for the monitor and the resulting audio signal.