No sound from Spectralayers track

I’m using cubase 11 and the version of spectral layers that comes with that. I made an edit using spectral layers on an audio file within cubase. It work fine and there were not problems. However, the next day when I open that project, the audio will not play back. (the timeline moves but no signal in the mixer. Spectral layers is now greyed out in the audio menu. If I disable spectral layers in the toolbar at the top it plays back fine.

Any ideas what could be causing this?



Can you use the SpectraLayers on other Audio Event?

Yes but not in that project only in other projects.


Are you sure, you are not using SpectraLayers Pro in the project by mistake?

I don’t think it can be because it works fine in other projects but not in this particular project.


Could you try to File > Backup Project? Does it work on the newly created project?

Could you try to create an empty project and Import all tracks from the original project?

Does it work then?

I know this sounds silly but have you tried reinserting Spectral Layers. I have found some vsts stop working for no discernible reason. Give that they work in other projects it is worth a shot.

I have noticed this too and it is reproduceable here:

New project
Insert composite audio file ie. vocal and backing
Set audio extension to Spectralayers
In editor go to Layer > Unmix vocals and process
Mute vocal on right side, Leave Piano+ Bass+ Drums+Other on
Close editor: Playback on arrange page is correct. ie. backing music without vocal.

Now use scissor tool and make some cuts on the audio event on the arrange page.
Result: Only the first event plays, all following are mute.
Re-glue the pieces together and audio plays as expected.