No sound from track (Solved)

I have a drum track that is behaving very strangely. The drum kit was recorded in stereo from a Roland TD-17 electronic kit. There is audio in the track and in the mixer the track shows a healthy signal. One track is panned hard left and one hard right and both are sent a group track where I can control volume and use effects, etc.

I’m using an iMac with OS 10.14.6 and Cubase 9.5.50.

The right track is giving normal volume but the left is not and is completely lost in the mix. I can find no reason why this should be so.

Here’s a pic of the mixer:

As can be seen, there is signal in the left drum track and it is feeding the drum group track, as expected but … no sound from the left. I’m really stumped on this one!



Try to disable the plug-ins on the Group channel.

Hi Martin,

I suppose I should have mentioned that I did try that with no luck. Thanks for the suggestion though.


Your Group Channel is showing proper signal in both left and right, so maybe this could be a phase issue ?


Could you try to add a new Group Channel and route both tracks to the new one? Does it work? If yes, could you drag and drop the plug-ins to nice then to the new Group Channel? Does it still work?

Thanks for the suggestion, Martin. I tried it but had no luck.

However … I listened to the tracks separately and it seems that the panning on the electronic drum kit was way out. The snare, kick and crash cybals are on the right hand drack and the (relatively quiet) hihat is on the left. Will have to revisit the programming of the drum module. All is not lost because along with the audio I also recorded midi from the drum kit. I can just feed it into Superior Drummer and get a mix that way.

Thanks so much for your help and suggestions.