No sound from tracks after changing visibility.

This one has me stumped.

I’ve been working on a project with a fair few tracks so I used the ‘show tracks with data’ key command.

The command worked fine but somehow 3 of my tracks are now not outputting any sound.

None of the tracks are connected in any way, one is an audio track and two are VST instrument tracks. Showing all tracks doesn’t solve the issue, neither does saving and reopening the project.

I’ve tried creating new tracks and dragging the audio/midi regions to them, but still no sound.

Any suggestion, I’ve wasted a heap of time on it so far?

Have you tried using the mute tool to mute/unmute the parts. Could be a visual glitch that they look “normal”, but were somehow muted by Cubase.

On the instrument tracks, do you get sound if you play your controller keyboard? Also on your new tracks, have you tried creating empty parts and just copying over the notes from one key editor to the other rather than copying the whole part?

Another thought I’m having now is automation. I’ve had some unpredictable results while flattening arranger tracks containing automation. I know it’s a very different process, but seeing as the parts/events seems to be the common factor, maybe some automation data is begin copied along with them.

Hey AposMus, thanks for the reply.

I sat down today to go through your checks and the project opened this morning with everything working again.

I’ve no idea what caused it, so I’m just going to keep everything crossed it doesn’t happen again.

Thanks again.

Glad it worked out.