No sound from UR22 MKII on Mac

Hello to all

I have a problem connecting the UR22 MKII to Mac Mini with OS Mojave. I have deleted and reinstalled the driver several times (version V2.0.3). I select the UR22 MKII as an audio input, and I can see the signal level increasing when I speak in a connected microphone, but this sound is not transmitted to the programs. I have tried with Garage Band, with Cubase LE AI Elements, and they are not recognizing the UR22 MKII as an input. Also I don’t see the driver in the Mac Preferences menu, but I can open the driver from the desktop, although I can only see a very simple interface with Enable loopback and stereo and Mono combo selector. I cannot change the sampling rate or other features in an audio driver.

Thanks in advance for your help! Best regards,