No sound from UR44

Hi again team,

I posted the following question in another post. It really needs to be on its own. Sorry 'bout that.

I recorded a MIDI drum sequence on my Tyros 5, saved it as a MIDI file, and then imported it into Cubase 8. On playback, there is no sound. The MIDI Receive indicator is flashing on the Tyros 5, and so are the meters in Cubase. So I have a perfect MIDI connection but no sound. The drums play back over the headphones on the Tyros 5. It’s the UR44 that isn’t playing the sound. I downloaded the newest UR44 drivers, turned off my computer, restarted everything in the correct sequence–still no sound. The VST Connections windows show the UR 44 input and output buses as being present. Just no sound.

I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. I think it’s something to do with the Track settings, but there are few options there that I can select. By the way, the UR44 plays wave files outside Cubase. My Tyros 5 doesn’t make any sound while it’s connected to Cubase. When I close Cubase, I get sound back from my Tyros 5.

I noticed the clip lights are flashing on the UR44 (from bass drums too loud). This tells me the audio signal is getting to the UR44, just not out to the speakers. It’s as though something is muted??? Any ideas? Thanks.

What is the midi data triggering?

Okay, hold the fort fellows. Found the problem.

Signal routing is everything. I didn’t create an audio track with the monitor turned on!!! The MIDI was getting through as mentioned, but I needed to force it to the UR44 output through an audio track. I can’t get used to that. In the good old days, you could hook up a MIDI keyboard, record and just play the stupid thing back.

It’s taken me five hours to figure that out! Tell me that’s in the friggin’ manual?? The good news is, I found the solution in an earlier post on this very forum. So all’s well. Thanks guys!

Or you could just turn off Direct Monitoring in Cubase, and use the UR44 mixer to do monitoring. That way you will always hear the keyboard, if you choose so in the UR44 mixer.

Good point Peakae, except I turned off the Direct Monitoring in Cubase and can’t hear the MIDI tracks. When I opened the UR44 mixer, a message was displayed saying, “Cannot use USB port; it is being used by another application.” Seems I need that audio track with the monitor turned on?? No worries. At least I know how to get sound!

Ahh yes forgot about the MR driver not being multiclient. Anyway you are up and running, that’s all that matters.