No sound from vsti instruments after changing ASIO driver


I have recently changed my audio interface to ESI UX86XT. Now, when I open old projects that contain MIDI lanes routed to VSTi instruments in the instruments rack, for some I don’t get sound. Some projects work totally fine, but some simply don’t output any sound. If I switch to Generic Low Latency Asio Driver, sound is there. If I switch back to the ESI driver, there is no sound. This baffles me, since it is not consistent. Some projects seem to work, others not. I cannot find any indicator for a project not working.

Do you have any ideas what is going wrong?

Thank you and kind regards

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Double check the whole signal path, please. From the track’s output, over Gropus/FXs, Output bus up to the Audio Connections > Outputs or Control Room, please.


thanks for your answer. The signal path should be fine. Also, if it wouldn’t, why would it suddenly work on changing the ASIO driver?

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Because different Asio Driver has different Audio Ports and different routing.

Okay, I see that. Where exactly do I have to look for? Because for me it all seems right and I don’t understand why it works for some and some not.

Thank you.


  • MixConsole > Routing tab.
  • Group/FX Channels
  • Output Channel
  • Studio > Audio Connections > Outputs
  • Studio > Audio Connections > Control Room (if you use it)

You can attach screenshots.

Thank you. I attach screenshots. I really don’t understand,why some of my projects work and some not. This seems to be completely random.

Okay, I seem to have found the solution. Once you assign the input to the interface, it works. But why do I need to specify the input ports if I don not even use them?

Thank you for your support.


Interesting. Sorry, I don’t know why.