no sound from wave editor in cubase

Hello all! Hope everyone is having an excellent start to the new year!

I search Google and was unable to locate an answer to the problem that I’m having with the wave editor.

When I double click the wave to edit it, when I press play within the editor, I don’t hear the wave that I selected. Only when I press the main play button do I hear anything, but I hear everything that’s not soloed. Kind of defeats the purpose of what im trying to accomplish :-/

Any thoughts or suggestions? Thank you.


Try the search function “preview” more than enough posts about this…

Hello ThinkingCap,

Sorry for the late reply. I would thank you if your response helped me. I hate to be a bother to you or perhaps I did not properly word my issue with not being able to preview or hear audio in the wave editor. I actually did search this forum and google with no success before this post. Would someone please give me a hint or post a link with solutions, it would be most appreciated. Thank you.


Take a look in VST Connections - output tab, and see what your main output is (the one with the speaker symbol). This is different if you have Control Room in use.