No sound from Windows 8.1 audio applications

Like always, I was probably too quick to upgrade Windows. But now I am on 8.1. The UR28M works without a glitch from Cubase but not at all from other programs/sites (Spotify, Youtube, Media Player, SoundCloud). Spotify and Media Player can’t even start when the UR28M is choosen as a default playback device.

Any advice? Or any news about new drivers for this?

Hi, I have this same problem, did you find a solution? Thank you in advance for your reply.

Nope, no solution. But now there is a message from Steinberg up in the announcements that they are working on it. Let’s hope they get a solution out fast - this is causing some problems for me.

And a note to Steinberg: please contact me if I can provide any information that could be of help, like event logs etc.

Even though the new driver was officially released for the UR22 and the CI1 only, you could try using the new driver for the UR28M as well.

Yes, this solved my problem, thank Steinberg for a quick fix, I am pleased

Thanks for the feedback!

Did it for me too. Quicker than I expected :slight_smile: