No sound Groove Agent SE5

Hi, I create, drag and drop a midi pattern from a VST drum instrument into a track, I have then changed the original drum vst instrument to GA se5 (CB12) but no sound will play from GA, if I change it to any other VST instrument the midi file will play, but not in GA, does anyone know why this is happening? thank you

What is the ‘VST drum instrument’ involved ?

Actually, when exporting via drag&drop a groove from BFD3 to a MIDI track, and replace BFD3 as its output to GA SE 5, I usually have issues getting the expected result, as the key/drum maps aren’t the same from one VSTi to the other : this is the first I would check.

After this, there is the Output Routing of the MIDI track used : from experience, it’s better to use the Grouve Agent SE - Main option, not the Grouve Agent SE - Pattern one (still trying to figure out what is the use of the latter, but as I rarely use GA SE…) .

At the end, the usual troubleshooting stuff : MIDI channel used, monitoring settings, etc.

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Thank you, it has been resolved, the pattern was on C3, when transposed down to C1 it worked :slight_smile:

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