No sound in audio tracks after changing project folders

Hey guys, maybe someone knows how to solve this:

One of my HDD is almost full so I decided to move my Cubase projects folder to another HDD. After that all my old projects have the same problem: all audio tracks are silent. Although it’s in a pool with right new folders. And I can even hear it when I open it as a wave in Cubase.

What can be wrong with it? Now I have to make new projects and copy everything inside from old project :frowning:

And even when I copy project folder back - audio tracks still silent :frowning:

The Audio Events in your Project are most likely looking for their Audio Files back in the old location instead of the Audio Files shown in your Pool. This is typically caused by using your computer’s OS to move the Project Folder to a new Location.

The correct way to move a Project to a new location is to use the confusingly named
File>Backup Project…

Thank you for answering! I think you’re right. Audio in Pool plays correctly even when you click on it.

I’ve tried to move audio to another location and Locate it when opening project and it sees missing file. Didn’t help :frowning:

Backup of this “broken” project also didn’t help :(((

Any ideas how to fix it anyway?

I’m not at Cubase to check. I wonder if you can edit the paths of the Audio Events in your Project? I’d expect not, but worth taking a peek just in case.

The simplest & probably the cleanest would be to

  1. Duplicate the Tracks
  2. Delete the Audio on the copies and replace with their equivalents from the functioning Audio in the Pool
  3. Disable the original broken versions of the Tracks (but I’d keep them around until I was sure they weren’t needed).