No sound in Cubase AI11

Hi All

I recently bought a Yamha trh and a copy of cubase came with it. On the first day i got it I managed to set up for recording my guitar and it worked ok. I can’t remember the exact audio settings I used that day which is annoying because any time i try to record now I get no audio from cubase at all. When my guitar is plugged in and i play something I can see the volume meter going up and down but when i try to playback there is no audio.

I have also tried to use HAlion piano plugin and I have no sound. But this was also working the first time i tried it. My ouput is set to generic low latency asio driver and the input is set to my yamaha trh 10. Can anyone help?

I don’t know what you exactly did, but you cannot set the input driver differently from the output driver in Cubase. You must select one device in Studio->Studio Setup->VST Audio System. Except maybe if you installed ASIO4ALL, and then you’re problem is somewhere there and not in Cubase.