No sound in Cubase element 10

Hello dear friends
I’ve got a trial version of Cubase 10, but I have a problem with the sound.
I have sound in Cubase 9, but not in Cubase 10. I see the sound in my project, but i’ve no return in my headphones.
I use a Behringer external soundcard, runing with Asio4all.

I give a picture where I see a difference between Cubase 9 and Cubase 10, but I don’t know how change the parameters.
I have a 30 days period trial, but I can’t use my software for a week! Can you help me? Thank you!

PS: I apologize for my poor english, I hope you understand!

it seems it only recognizes your internal soundcard, HD audio is most of times (or always…) a reference to internal soundcard.
why not use the asio drivers supplied with the behringer soundcard? (they are not installed, if you are on windows 10, then sometimes the driver is removed, or inaccesible with every big update, i read in fora. i have windows 10, on my laptop, but only the internal soundcard. i work with 9.5.5 pro by the way, i wait for the sale (and because of the bugs…). do not have access to cubase 10.