No sound in cubase element

Hi everyone. I have problems with setting inputs and outputs.
When I want to add 4 mono audio track it doesn’t have any sound. Besides when I delete stereo bus and add 1stereo and 4 mono by “add bus” it doesn’t work out. I need to make channels for VSTs and 4 for recording-playing guitar. What should I do? I’m going mad. PLEASE HELP .

I highly recommend going through the getting started guide that will explain all of this.

However, if you could say what audio interface you have, how many inputs/outputs the interface has that would be helpful.

In general you don’t need to add any busses. When you add a track, you assign an input to it. So, all “playing” will happen on the same stereo out buss (typically). The input(s) will be used to record. You can record as may tracks simultaneously as you have inputs. But they typically will be monitored through the same output.

Thank You buddy. My Interface Audio is BEHRINGR UMC204HD and it has two input and outputs.I want to Assign my playing as MONO recorded, and I want to separate each line track to each other for mix and mastering.
I don’t Know but I guess I need some guide of multiple channels and separation of the tracks when i export them.I need to export each track individually.
So,.Can you give me some tips?

So keep it simple.

Add 2 mono tracks
Set the input of the first track to the first input of the UMC204HD.
Set that and click the record button and start playing. Just play nonsense.
Hit Stop
You should now have a mono track with the guitar on it

Now go to the 2nd track.
Set the track input to the same UMC204HD input
Hi record and a play more nonsense.
You should hear your previous track while you are recording the current nonsense.

Now you have two mono tracks…
rinse repeat for 900 tracks.

Mess with that a bit, it should start to make sense.

thanks buddy JMCecil .I’ll do it.