No sound in Cubase Elements 8

I have done the right things in the device setup and the VST connexion as I saw in multiple Youtube videos. Still there is no sound at all in Cubase. I have windows 7 on an HP laptop, my audio driver is IDT high Definition Audio Codec. Please help me!

Dear Monsanto.

I’m a NOOB and have also had sound issues with Cubase and IDT High Definition Audio Codec. The good news is I have an answer - kinda. Download something called ASIO For ALL (Google it!) and tell Cubase to use that. It’ll work - I hope for you - but there’s 2 things to remember.

Cubase LOVES owning your sound system. While it’s got sound, nothing else will have sound. Which means you can’t watch a training video while you have it loaded because you can’t hear what the guys are saying. Yes there’s supposed to be a box inside it saying ‘Relese sound driver while Cubase is in background’, meaning minimised, but for me that never works. When I maximise Cubase, the sound doesn’t return until I restart my computer.

Which is actually the second problem. ASIO FOR ALL seems to have a kinda bug - if anything else is using IDT directly, it cannot use it. Its icon is a green square with a white arrowhead in it which you’ll see near the clock, if you click on it, you’ll probably see the OUT box with a big cross in it. This means Cubase can’t use t he OUT, which means no sound. So you have to identify what else is using the sound and close that down. Sometimes you just cannot find ANYTHING that is using sound apart from Cubase and then guess what? You have to restart the computer again!!

I find Cubase very unsatisfactory from this angle, but I don’t know any ways around the problems above apart from the ways I’ve mentioned. I’m wondering if purchasing a full duplex soundcard would get rid of the problems but I don’t KNOW if it would and can’t afford to waste money in the hope it MIGHT! If you install Asio For All and still can’t hear anything, press F4 (function key 4 along the top of the keyboard.) That brings up the Sound Out Dialogue Box. You’ll probably find the outs aren’t selected. If there’s choices, you might have to test several combinations before you find the correct ones (I sure did!!)

Hope this helps. Leave a reply if it doesn’t and I’ll see what I can find out, I’m no expert but I’m pigheaded enough to want to be.

Yours respectfully