No sound in Cubase on tracks with volume automation

I’m having this problem on my lead vocal track. It came out of nowhere. Mastering tomorrow, or maybe not. Thanks Steinberg!

It’s great that you’re upgrading but remember you shouldn’t feel you have to. Steinberg need to fix this for 8.0.XX users too - free of charge!!

This is my issue. Every single thing that’s in a VCA fader is silent.

Did you guys upgrade to 8.5.15? If I understand the version history right, all the VCA fader bugs were fixed there … ?

This bug is fixed in 8.5.10 already. 8.5.15 fixed issue with scroll-mouse-wheel. As far as I know, there is no known issue in the VCA area, now.

I have this as well and it’s driving me nuts!!

It just started happening on a project I’ve been working on a lot, and I’ve got a lot of work done on it without this happening. I opened it today, and several tracks (though not all) exhibit this exasperating behavior.

I have 8.5 build 69 - downloading update as we speak. The change in behavior is not update-related.

8.5 build 69 is 8.5.0. Please update to 8.5.15, where was the fix applied.

I have the same problem running Cubase 8.0.35 Build 565 (64 bit). I don’t really want to upgrade to 8.5 so am I stuck with this issue now ? If so I have to say this is a joke !

For some reason this issue started happening when I recently opened up a 3-4 week old track I’m working on. Was fine previously.

Restarting Cubase doesn’t work for me, but rebooting the entire computer does.

Cubase 8.5, it started happening just lately, this is what changed on my computer since the bug started:

  • I installed their new eLicenser to remove the bug with the old MP3 license
  • I installed Civilization 6 :slight_smile:

Anyway: Reboot = loss of time = temporary solution.

I can’t stop using volume automation on my VST,s. It makes no sense. So… Help Cubase? Help Steinberg?

I have also been having this problem where tracks mysteriously stop making any sound. Odd. I just recently got Cubase 8.5 after using 6.5 for quite a while. These bugs are why I loathe to upgrade any software that is working well. I am downloading the latest update (here for those interested ) and hope this fixes the issue. Will report back after using the new version for a while, hopefully with good news!

Unfortunately, the only known fix for this is to upgrade. To me, that’s not a “bug”, its forcing people to pay extra for a faulty product. The “support” I received from Steinberg on this matter borders on the ridiculous. Its such a shame they cannot take their Support seriously and understand what handling issue requests better would mean to the image of the company.

Well, the update seemed to fix the bug for a while, but now the same thing is happening again even with the latest version. Very frustrating. Simply don’t have time to have to go through each track to see if it is going to actually sound when played.

Oh, dear. I thought it was safe to upgrade to 8.5 in a few weeks, regarding this and other bugs that had been reported as being fixed. I hope it turns out to be an unrelated issue.

Please report back if you learn anything new!

I’m experiencing it now in a middle of a project
now is 2017, and still can’t find any solution.

can someone in steinberg hear us???

maby its time to move on guys

can’t work like this…

if somebody has the solution, i’ll be glad to know.

Which Cubase are you running? I haven’t noticed this in Cubase 9.0.20.

Hi alexis
Cubase 8.5

as u see above its a problem that are repeating for years again and again

now i dont know what to do, this project is very important for me,
As soon as I open the project
after 30 seconds or so, the audio stops completely.
There is a sign of the Level meter, but there is no sound at all.

cubase 8.5
intel core i7-4710HQ cpu 2.5 ghz, 16 gb ram. win 10 64-bit. ssd HD. Komplete audio 6.

Hi - The moderator a few posts up said to make sure it’s 8.5.15 that is being used.

Beyond that: Maybe try Cubase safe mode (not the same as Windows safe mode) to see if it might be a corrupted preference.

Also, maybe try it on a virgin project (brand new and empty, not even using one of your templates).

Finally - maybe try updating the e-licenser, as an administrator.

Still no fix in 2019. It’s a MASSIVE problem, especially when I have clients waiting for a mix…

2020, same issue. Man, Steinberg gets worse an worse everyday. I don’t even bother trying to reach out support as they blatantly make it as hard as possible for us users to contact them. Lame. I still use it becuase it cost me a lot, and for the OMF support and MIDI workflow, but I really can’t wait for the sickle guys to cover this and say goodbye to all things Steinberg once and for all.

Just had this problem for the first time with plugins. If I turn off read automation the plugins work, but without the automation I just spent all day working on. If I turn on read automation, nothing. This thread is not encouraging!