No sound in Cubase

Hey guys! My sound doesn’t come out ot Cubase to the speakers. In Cubase I can see the volume signal, but no matter if I take asio or the yamaha steinberg driver for my UR-22, the sound won’t be routed through my speakers. It always says “inactive” in the device manager of cubase, where I can check the routings.

Edit: Okay, got the UR-22 driver working, but still not the two normal asio drivers. I don’t always want to set up my UR-22 and connect it, sometimes I just want to use the DAW in my normal PC usage. But Cubase refuses to route them to my speakers, usually there is nothing in the list, now there is “HD audio headphones”, whatever that is since I don’t have such connected, but it just won’t give me my speakers to connect it to.

Edit²: Got the Asio drivers working!!
But now the last problem has to be solved: How can I achieve that I have sound in cubase AND on my computer? The “deactive asio drivers when appliaction is in background” option is buggy. It works when I tab to my desktop and start playing back an audio file and going back to cubase.

But when I listen to music on youtube while tabbing back into Cubase, the Cubase drivers won’t be activated again until I completely restart Cubase.