No Sound in Dorico 3.0.10

Hey there,

I’ve read through a few threads and also watched the troubleshooting vid online, but am having a particular problem I haven’t seen addressed anywhere.

I’m currently using the Dorico 3 trial because I’ve been told by peers it’s better than Sibelius (and Finale, but Finale stopped being good about a decade ago).

I’ve created a basic piano project as instructed in various threads and tried all the troubleshooting that was suggested and I have no luck.

HALion seems to be loading but when I open the editor there’s nothing there. Not even the piano has loaded.

If I open a project that comes with Dorico (Pigmalion in this instance) and I open the HALion editor it seems to have listed the sounds that are supposed to be playing but still no sound. The meter doesn’t register when I press the virtual keyboard.

I get an error message sometimes (but not every time) saying that some sounds are missing and to check installation. I’ve installed everything under Dorico 3 in the Steinberg assistant, so I’m not sure what’s missing.

I’ve attached screenshots and a zipped file of the piano project.

I’m using a 2015 Mac powerbook OS 10.14.6.

It would be great to get some help as I only have a 30 day trial that I started last week and really want to try Dorico out before it expires.


Tim (366 KB)

You are missing all the sound contents, i.e. all sound patches and sound samples.
Have you really installed everything? In the Steinberg Download Assistant you find the “Dorico Pro 3 Sounds Installer”, it’s pretty large, 9.25GB. You not only need to download it, but also let run the installer for it.
Try running the installer for that package again, still no sound?