No sound in Dorico 5

I’ve gone through the video 3 times, checking and double checking everything mentioned, uninstalled and reinstalled everything, and scoured the help pages to no avail.

If it matters, I had a MIDI keyboard (Nektar LX 61+) attached and it was working for awhile, as was the playback. Then I switched something and I could hear the audio in the instrument selection but nothing on playback. Now, the instrument selection panel shows sound, but I cannot hear anything.

I’ve attached the diagnostic report. Please help!
Dorico (621.5 KB)

Welcome to the forum, @benjamin.downs. Do you have no sound in every project you open, or is the problem limited to specific projects?

I’m a new user–considering switching over–so this is my first and only project. Should I test run making some others? Different instrumentation?

Quick update – just made a new project from template (brass quartet) and all the sound is there.

Another update. I just copied and pasted from the problematic piece to a new one, and everything is working as expected. @dspreadbury – If there is something I should know, please tell me, otherwise, I’m happy to report that it seems to be working.

Great. You can probably reopen your original project, go to Play > Playback Template and re-apply the default playback template, and that will get the sound going in there too.