No sound in dorico for iPad

I am new to dorico. I installed dorico for iPad for the first time and created a short sheet music. When I hit the playback button in the app, I don’t hear any sound. I can hear sound in other apps such as YouTube. How can I hear the playback sound in dorico for iPad?

There shouldn’t really be anything to configure in Dorico for iPad: it should simply play back through the built-in sounds via the basic Microsonic instrument. Your device is definitely not muted? If you tap on the keys in the Keyboard panel, do you hear anything at all?

In fact , if i tap reset sounds, it sounds again, but i have the same problem than Isaac.

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Reset Sounds fixed the issue! Thank you really so much mcordobass!

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Just to say that we have found and fixed the problem that causes Dorico for iPad not to play back when it restores a project after restarting the app, and this will be fixed in the next update, when it arrives (as soon as possible).