No sound in Dorico on Mac Studio

Is there any reason that Dorico will not sound on a Mac Studio? Does it need a special setting somewhere? All other sound programs work as usual. I checked all settings in Dorico, but it stays silent.

You need to create an aggregated device and then it will work.

OK, what exactly is this and how do I do this?

Have a look here.
Just let the speakers participate in the aggregated device.

Then start Dorico and under Device Setup you can choose that new aggregated device.

@Ulf , I understand the purpose of an Aggregate Device if one is trying to use multiple audio apps at the same time but the OP’s concern appears to be simply getting sound out of Dorico (presumably being used alone) when using a Mac Studio. Am I missing something? I wondered if @Andre1 was perhaps opening the Mac Studio in native mode but using VST instruments or effects that are not Apple Silicon native as has happened to me on my Mac mini with M1 processor. Is this a possibility?

I made the Aggregate device and it’s selected in Dorico, but there is still no sound. And what should I select now in the finder menu as sound output? The new device or my headphone output which I normally use (is connected to monitors). Yes, I only cannot get sound out of Dorico, using it alone, all other programs work normally. I am using Noteperformer as instrument.

What is included in your aggregate device, can you please make a screenshot?

And are you using the new Studio Display with it?

If you’re using NotePerformer you need to run Dorico in Rosetta, as NotePerformer isn’t yet M1-native.

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@Mike_999 , yes, the normal purpose of an aggregate device is to combine devices, but you can also use it to “divide” or “suppress” parts of a device.

@Andre1 , I had exactly the same experience on my Mac mini M1 an hour ago. I had downloaded a new Apple Silicon reverb and wanted to open Dorico in native mode to see how it worked so opened Dorico in native mode rather than Rosetta. However, I was using NotePerformer as my instrument and NotePerformer will NOT operate natively on Apple Silicon. I got absolutely nothing for sound. However, when I re-opened Dorico in Rosetta mode, everything played back fine.

I am running now in Rosetta mode, but still no sound. I tried all kind of sound output combinations.

No, I use a Asus and a Dell monitor connected to the Ma Studio.

Ah, okay, I though you use the Studio Display, but you want to have sound coming via your UR22C, right? Do you have the latest driver for it? Please check on our website

So I don’t know what changed, but I had the Mac shut down before going to my job, now at home I turned it on again and it plays back normally. I am not using the Rosetta mode or the specially made Aggregate device, it’s simply routed to my build in audio device, and using Noteperformer.

And your UR22 is also working with it okay now?

Yes, every device I select in the Play preferences is working.

Excellent, good to hear.