No Sound in Dorico with Audio Interface


I just installed the trial version to test out this amazing software!
I can’t playback and hear any sounds in the software when I choose my Audio Interface (Tascam US 1641) in the software. When I choose the internal speakers I hear them but I want to use my Interface to use my speakers.

iMac Mid 2011
i5 2,7 ghz

OS X El Capitan 10.11.6

Can anyone help me?

So you did choose under Edit > Device Setup the driver for your US1641, right?

Then could you please create a new Piano project with a handful of arbitrary notes and post that project here (zip it up first as the forum won’t accept .dorico files). From the project data I’m most likely able to tell what is wrong.


thank you for your reply! I solved the problem. I did used “Tascam US1641 (Core Audio)”, but Dorico doesn’t seem to support it. But when I choose “Tascam US1641 (Bit Accurate)” it worked! In all other Software like Logic, Premiere, After Effects, Wavelab, I always use Core Audio instead of Bit Accurate, strange that Dorico needs the other one. And I don’t even know the difference between these two.