No sound in LE 4 through Lexicon Lambda

I recently bought my Lexicon Lambda complete with cubase le 4. I’ve installed everything correctly as per instructions, everything works fine except I changed to the Lambda ASIO Driver in device setup, opened a new default project then the message ‘failed to load Lambda ASIO Driver’ appeared. So I tried going with it anyway and it failed to work. Now im frustrated and could REALY use some help!!

Hi I’m using Omega,

I was having the same problem before, but somehow was able to get around it.



I have the Lambda & it’s working fine for me, but not without a few headaches setting it up!

First question - have you done all the updates?

Hmm… Cheap soundcard=lotsa setup crap. This is common if you read Lexicon’s reviews on Amazon.

Try a different driver like ASIO4ALL.