No sound in one project

Couple of weeks ago, no problem. Open the project today, no sound. Metronome creates sound. Tried older versions of this project, no sound. Tried other projects, there is sound. Why is this particular project not producing sound today when it was the last time I opened it? Why are none of the older saves not producing sound?

I definitely think attaching the project might help in this case

If the metronome works, make sure it has not accidentally been solo’d in Play mode.

The metronome being solo’d is not the problem. It’s weird that there’s no sound even on this project saves from months ago. But here’s another problem. If I close Dorico and open it back up, I got the error message, ‘Waiting for Audio Engine Initialization’. I have to reboot to get Dorico to work. I don’t know if this will happen when I close a project where the sound is working. Can’t test right now.

Hi @8Babe, please provide me that faulty project and send it to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de. Full confidentiality is guaranteed from my side. Furthermore please do Help > Create Diagnostics Report and send the corresponding zip file also too me. Thank you

Thanks for the data, @8Babe.

First thing I noticed was, that in the Dorico mixer the first 2 channels are in Solo mode, but then even unsoloing them did not bring back sound. Even though 05 - NotePerformer and 06 - NotePerformer show metering in the NotePerformer window, still the Dorico mixer nothing.
I tried to trace the internal routing in Dorico, but then I soon became aware that the outputs of NotePerformer are routed nowhere, thus of course you can’t hear anything.

Now, I have no idea,how your project came into this funny state. If I reapply the NotePerformer Playback Template, sound comes out again. Could you please do the same trick?

And now to the diagnostics data. There are no crash files contained neither from Dorico nor the audio engine. There are only hang files, i.e. Dorico was just doing things excessively long and then these hang files get created, but it’s not a crash. Dorico/AudioEngine are still running.

Let’s see, please first reapply the template and see if that already solves your problem.

Problems solved. Thank Ulf. So simple, yet so difficult.