No sound in output file while exporting mixdown

I’m using cubase 10.5 pro for several months.
Yesterday I started a new project, and for some reason when I try to export the audio mixdown (the way I did 100 times before), the output file is small (~900KB) and has no sound. No error is reported.
The locator markers are set correctly, I export the “stereo out” as before, and all is set exactly as I did many times so far.
I attached a snapshot of my setup.
Can you assist? Am I doing something wrong here?


Is the Audio track routed to the Stereo Out? What happens, if you try to export WAV instead of MP3, please?

sure, it is routed.
And same result for WAV.
Also tried exporting each track with no success.


How long is the exported MP3/WAV file? Does the length match the locators length?

Hi, yes. same length as locators length.


Is it the issue of this only one project?

Didn’t happen in all of my previous projects.


OK. Could you try to back up the project and export it from this new project?