No sound in peoject

I am having this issue in a particular project. All the meters are showing except the stereo output channel on playback, so i am getting no sound at all, not even when I play my keyboard. It’s a bit weird as the last time I loaded this particular song, I extracted the stereo mix and everything worked. I can load another song and that would playback perfectly, except this one song…help!!!

Double check that tracks are routed correctly.

Check outputs in Control Room or Studio Output section, (if you’re not using CR).

Check correct ASIO driver is set in Studio section.

Do you have any plugins over the master bus? Some plugins will mute audio if licences or demos have expired.

Phil, thanks so much, you were right on the money. I had a plugin in the master bus, that the trial date had expired. Thanks so very much. GOD’s Speeeeeeeed!

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