No sound in standalone Halion Sonic but works fine in Cubase

Yes that works, here is the link from Apple:

It’s called Aggregate Device - in german Multiausgangsgerät.
I also wrote a support ticket at Motu. This is the same behaviour with my Motu M4.
I begged them to include an out of the box working way for a future update. Let’s see what the Motu support says to that. I have the MacOs Motu M4 driver installed - for better latency. I don’t know if it behaves the same when no driver is installed. The M4 also works without using any driver under MacOs.
It even works when JUST selecting the M4 and the second Aggregate Device is de-selected :wink:
Well at least there’s a way under MacOS for playing the standalone version of Halion SE (in my case) and Groove Agent 5 SE. GA 5 SE behaves the same way :wink:
I’ll post when I get news from Motu.