No sound in the audition window

Hi Cubasers, I’m still not getting any sound when clicking on samples in the audition window… I hear them no problem when I drag them into a track in the arrange window though. I have the auto play button “on” where the samples are listed and the cursor scrolls across the sample but no sound… :frowning: I’m running 9.5 latest version on a new MacBook Pro with the latest OS. Everything else works fine…

Any help would be highly appreciated, thanks Dave

Why is it so hard for people to post the proper Cubase version :unamused:. Pro? Artist? Elements?

Sorry I thought Cubase 9.5 was enough… I’m using Cubase Pro. I have never used Artist or Elements and didn’t know that 9.5 could also apply to those versions of Cubase as well. My bad. live and learn, that’s why we’re here, right?

In Cubase Pro the audio preview goes through the „monitor out“ control room output, as soon as control room is enabled. So if control room is activated, you have to make sure, it is connected correctly.
In addition to that there is a preference to preview through the phones bus. If you re not using a phones bus, make sure it is not ticked.
Then maybe tell us what the „audition window“ is.

When I say the ¨audition window¨ I´m referring to the right zone window where you find, VSTi , Medios, CR and Medidor . I´m using a Spanish version so I hope its the same heading titles. In Medios you then find sub Categories where you would click on Kick or snare or whatever and a whole list of samples come up in the window underneath . That’s where my problem is, when I click on a sample to hear it I don’t get any sound. I´ll check out the control room settings to see if it is connected correctly.

Thanks for taking the time to help, Dave

Driving me crazy checked everything you said… Control Room preferences headphone output not checked. I see the visual in the VU meter of sound but I hear nothing. If I select a sample and put it on loop the meter lights jumps up every time the cursor passes over the sample but I hear no sound. This leads me to believe the control room is not set up correctly as you said could be the case. So how do I make sure the CR is set up correctly?

Thanks for being patient and helping. Dave

Go to audio connections -> control room. If it is activated, make sure the monitor 1 output is available and connected to your interface outputs, that are connected to your speakers.
If you don´t use the control room, make sure it is deactivated

Finally got it working… Thanks so much. Was the control room set up after all…

Thanks again,