No sound input on Cubase Elements 7 - help?


I’m using Cubase Elements 7 on Vista with an ART USB Dual Preamp.

The input is giving a level on the meter in Windows control panel. I’ve been selecting the USB ins/out when starting a project. However, I’m not getting any levels in Cubase itself.

Any ideas? What do I need to check?


Maybe read this, hope it helps:

Thanks! The olny driver I’ve got on the drop-down is the Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver. Maybe I need to install another driver?

If you need to then the manual of your ART USB dual preamp surely tells you…

Allsorted! Just installed ASIO4all and it’s fine. Thanks for your help, Marqs.

Thanks to you thinkingcap. The ART doesnt seem to come with its own driver.