No sound (just like that)

When I start up Cubase and open a project and play it, sometimes there is sound, and sometimes there isn’t. It’s entirely arbitrary. I never change anything about the sound settings of either Cubase or the project (or for that matter, anything else in Cubase or the project). When there is no sound, I have to start up Cubase multiple times until suddenly … there is sound. When eventually there is sound, it sounds perfect.

There’s nothing wrong with the sound system of my PC or Windows, as none of the dozens of other applications on my PC never ever has any sound problem. What’s going on?

And when there is no sound, does the Audio performance meter shows an activity ?

If not, try to go in the Studio > Studio Setup > Audio system panel and click on the Reset button (maybe you’ll have to click on it two or three times). It happens sometimes on my end also, and I never truely found the culprit…

Wow. There was indeed no audio activity. I clicked your Reset button, and … heaven. Thank you so much. It’ll save me a lot of time (no longer having to start up)!

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