No Sound - Latest Update

I have the latest Dorico update (May 26, 2024). No Sound. What’s up?

Are the output ports activated with you? If you go to Edit > Device Setup and click there on the Device Control Panel button, then another little window appears. In there, are the output ports checkmarked as active?

If it is, then please create a new project from piano template, enter some arbitrary notes and then from the Dorico menu choose Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the corresponding zip file to a reply here. Thanks

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By golly, the Output was NOT active. I clicked the Output checkbox and now it’s ok. I wonder how the Output got unchecked? Thank you so very much.

As to why they got unchecked, I also don’t have the faintest idea.

I find that when I update, if existing project have no sound, re-applying the Playback Template usually solves the problem.

Right, but in this case the playback template most certainly will not fix it…

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