No sound, missing files, no conection to Halion

Hi. Dorico 3SE
So I downloaded from the Steinberg installer, and after errors I re-did it, twice, but same problems:

When opening Dorico and one of the included demos (templates) I first get a msg that my version does not handle the track numbers of the template included (why are such templates included). But anyways, try to load it, then Dorico just does not move further. Just “spins”. Re-did the HalionSE installation. Now the template project opens, but if I switch template project the same procedure needs to be re-done. Every time I switch project I need to re-install HalionSE to prevent Dorico just to “spin”. And when finally loading, there is no sound and sometimes a msg “some audiofiles are missing” pops up.


Same problem I am facing.

For a start, could you please start Dorico and then immediately choose from the main menu ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’?
That creates silently a zip file on your desktop. Please attach it to a reply in here. Thanks

Rumdrum, Brian Smith, please make sure you have run the “Sounds for Dorico SE” installer; simply installing HALion Sonic SE 3 from its own installer, for example, won’t help you.

To Daniel: Thx and I am aware of that. It is the installer included Halion Se that for some reason needs to be installed every time I open Dorico or open one of the template projects.

To Ulf: I have tried to include the Diagnostics but I get an error msg that tells me the file is too large. PLS advice. It is 2,36Mb.

You can send the diagnostics to Ulf at u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de.

Or if e-mail also does not work, use some file transfer service like e.g. DropBox and send me the link.

I’m trying to make a new installation of D3 on a new Windows 10 computer. The main program installs UK, I can open and see files etc. But I get a message about some sound files being missing everytime I try to ‘Play’ and no sign of the Halion sounds and then it crashes. I have tried downloading and installing (enormous) ‘Sound Installer’ several times, always the same problem. Please, what am I doing wrong?
Many thanks in advance

Please do Help > Create Diagnostics Report, which creates silently a zip file on your desktop, please attach it here.

Also, are you on Dorico 3 or 3.5. If on 3.5, go to Dorico Preferences dialog, choose the VST Plug-ins tab and scroll down. Then click the ‘Reset All Engine Data’ button and restart Dorico. The message is still coming?