No sound- no Halion

I’m trying to figure out an ongoing problem causing the demo to crash, but in the meantime I’m making progress on a project w/ frequent saving. However, at some point, the “Halion” program (or whatever that fancy schmancy instrument that used to launch w/ Dorico stopped launching, and now when I go to the play tab, I see my instruments and the bar rolling through them when I hit play, but no sound emerges.

I’ve looked for a way to “manually” launch the Halion program, but I can’t find an exe. Anyone got an idea for me to workaround?

Go to Play Mode and on the right side you see the VST Instrument rack, where you see which instruments are loaded. Left to the string “HALion Sonic SE” are three icons, the middle one depicts a strange looking ‘e’. Click on that and the HALion editor window will open.
Then try and play on the virtual keyboard and test if sound comes out.

If not, then please create a simple Piano project with a handful of arbitrary notes and post here. Please zip up the project beforehand, as the forum doesn’t accept the .dorico extension.

Additionally you could also zip up the folder C:\Users<your-name>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\VSTAudioEngine_64 or ~/Library/Preferences/Steinberg/VSTAudioEngine_64

Thanks- this worked! The instruments sound different than the default cellos I thought I was using before, but I can probably figure that out. Thanks!

Glad to hear. Cheers, Ulf