No Sound No MIC Focusrite Scarlet 2i2

I’m having issues with imput/output.
I am using Focusrite Scarlet 2i2. I did all the bus setup, the 2 imput and output are active and looking fine in cubase 8.5, but
after a couple of minutes working, everything goes mute. No mic no sound through speakers. Once I restart the computer, it works for a couple more minute.
I disable the realtek sound card in my computer and nothing changed :frowning:
It seems that I have to restart my computer every 6-10 minutes to get the sound back, and then reopen cubase and start working, and the booooommmm, so mic or sound or mimi imput sound. Like if everyting goes mute on me.

Please someone help!!

I already did the devices setup about 20 times and it doesnt solve this issue.

I’m wondering if it has to to with the sould card or the usb, I dont know, now I am just guessing.

It sounds like it might be your USB power saving settings.
After a while your computer starts saving power by cutting power to your audio interface, after which it obviously no longer works.
You don’t specify what OS you have, but look through your power settings and I’m sure you can find it.

Also keep in mind that USB delivers 5 volt, but for the connected ports, so if using a lot of usb it could be the usb gets underpowered, does the sound device have it’s own powersupply?

Hi Giulia,

Sorry to hear that you’re having some problems with your 2i2.

As Strophoid mentions, this could potentially relate to your USB power settings. Since you’re using Windows 10, I would first recommend trying the optimisation steps in this guide:

I’d also recommend ensuring that you have disabled power saving mode for USB devices:

In the device manager (Start > Control Panel > System and Security > System > Device Manager), in the Universal Serial Bus controllers section, right click each USB Root Hub, choose Properties > Power Management and untick the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power option.

USB Power

If using a Laptop, it could also be worth checking the general power management of your computer:
Go to Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Power Options.
Set the Power Scheme to High Performance (if this setting is not available, click on Show additional plans first). Then click on Change plan settings. On the next page set both Turn off the display and Put the computer to sleep to Never.

Power Options

Then click Change advanced power settings. In the window that opens make sure you have the following settings:
Hard disc > Turn off hard disk after > Setting (Minutes) = Never
Sleep > Sleep after > Setting (Minutes) = Never
USB settings > USB selective suspend setting > Setting = Disabled
Display > Turn off display after > Setting (Minutes) = Never
Processor power management > Minimum processor state > Setting = 100%
Processor power management > Maximum processor state > Setting = 100%

Please note, not all options are available on all machines.

If you still have problems after this, please feel free to contact us directly here:

Best regards,
Jack // Focusrite Technical Support