No sound on a project


I am working on a project, and I can’t hear the notes written today. I have restarted dorico and my PC, and the sound is still not working. Just now I opened another project, the sound is working, and I tried to compare all the definitions and they seem ok.
Can somebody help me?
Thank you for your attention.

Hi @carlos.britodias ,

please go to PlayMode and make sure that no channel is muted or soloed.

If that does not help, please do -while that project is open - Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

Dorico (1.1 MB)
Here is it!


Hi @carlos.britodias , thanks for the data, but actually I can’t find anything wrong in the logs and diagnostics, except for one thing, namely that you are still on Dorico 4.0 while already a for you free version 4.1 is out. So you might want to update, but I doubt that sound will come back.
With that particular project open, how does Dorico behave, does the green playline advance? In PlayMode in the lower pane, do the meterings next to the faders show activity?
And what if you try to move the master fader (red one on the most right) a little bit, does then all of a sudden sound come back?