No sound on Cubase 11

Big problem with CUBASE 11 (again)
I can’t get any sound to pass through to the UAD sound card, even though everything is OK in the control room and I can see my tracks playing. Everything’s ok on the audio manager side too. The problem appeared all of a sudden in the middle of a work session, without any particular manipulation on a project, then when I tried to compare it to other projects, it spread to all of them. I’ve changed my drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled the software in several versions, and the problem is still the same. Does this sound familiar?

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Try to click the Deactivate All Mute State button (even if it’s not yellow).

If this doesn’t help, try to File > Back up Project and open the newely created (backup) project.

If this doesn’t help, try to create an Empty project and import all tracks from your original project.

All options are explained by ‘Music Tech Tuition’ (great source for learning Cubase )

Thanks mates for your answers, i’ve already check all this but, i don’t know why, magic spell or whatever, this morning my problem has disapeared… Without anything change. I think there is a lot of bug between Cubase and Apollo Twin on Windows. This is the 2nd time i have this kind of bugs with no idea of what can change that. The first time it was cross fades who has unavailables for no reason. May thanks for your time.

Cheers from France !


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