No sound on Cubase Elements 10

Hello all,

I don’t know if anyone can help me, I’ve been spending all weekend on this problem, googling as much as I can, and trying various things, but getting nowhere. It’s kind of driving me crazy!

I purchased (online) and installed Cubase Elements 10 on Friday night. Just to do some very basic home recording. I have Windows 10 and an Advent computer. But I’m not getting any sound in Cubase.

I have Realtek HD Audio manager. But I really don’t know if I have the correct sound card or drivers or anything else that I need installed. On Studio Manager under F4 (having downloaded ASI4ALL) it is currently showing under outputs for Audio Device as "ASIO4ALL v2 but with both left and right stereo under Device port showing as “Not connected”.

There is a Steinberg webpage from 2011 entitled "The first things to do when you startup Cubase" which says in Cubase to go to Devices - Device Setup - VST Audiosystem. But my Cubase doesn’t have a Devices tab and I can’t work out how to get to either Device Setup or VST Audiosystem. (Windows 10 doesn’t have this either). Does anyone know how to get there?

I also can’t get to VST Connections under Devices.

Separately my music keyboard is a Korg X50. Before I installed Cubase I had connected the X50 to play though my computer (which I’d never done before) and it played okay immediately after I installed it but, while I was in the process of connecting speakers to my computer, it just stopped playing through the computer and I haven’t been able to get it going again since. I have no idea if this is a separate or connected problem. If I have to replace the Korg 50 with a newer music keyboard I will, but there’s no point me doing this without sound in Cubase.

I’m not sure if I need any more hardware or software. If anything thinks they can help I’d be very grateful because I’ve petty much run out of ideas. All suggestions gratefully received.


Just to update on this, I’ve now worked out where the Devices tab is, or rather, I had already found it but just didn’t see the word “Devices” at the top as it’s kind of hidden in the background.

Anyway, what I need to know is how to change my output audio from “Not connected” to connected.

My output latency is 0.000ms. I have some input latency of 16.689ms but it’s the output I’m concerned with at the moment.

I’ll email support but if anyone can help me please please do!